Dec 21, 2012


Hello All,

In my first post I will introduce myself and why I created this blog.
My name is Eliane Collins, I am a Computing Engineer and I live in Manaus, Brazil.
Now, many people must to ask: Where is Manaus?
See the red ballloon in the picture below.

Picture from GoogleMaps

Manaus is located in the middle of Amazonia. It is a industrial city, The population in 2012 was 1.85 million people. The Brazilian government offers incentive to companies located here. Local industries include brewing, shipbuilding, soap manufacturing, the production of chemicals, computers, motorcycles and petroleum refining ofoil brought in by barge and tourismThe mobile phone companies Nokia, Siemens, Sumsung, LG, Sagem and Gradiente operate mobile phone manufacturing plants in Manaus. For this reason a lot of software companies are here. (

And finally a little bit about me:

My graduation is in Computing Engineering on University of State of Amazonas, I am actually master degree student in the University Federal of Amazonas.
I work in Software development since 2004 and specifically in Software Testing since 2005. I am ISTQB Certified Tester (CTFL). My experience include Software Testing Process, Software Testing Automation, Software Testing for Mobile Phones, Software Web Development JavaEE, JavaME, Windows Phone and Software Development for Digital TV.
I used to work for Siemens/Benq Mobile as Testing Analyst and nowadays I work as Testing Coordinator at Nokia Technology Institute in Manaus.
 I am also instructor of a course of test automation and I writed some papers since 2010 relating my professional experiences.  My papers in 2012:

  • AST 2012 : Software Test Automation Practices in Agile Development Environment: An Industry Experience Report.
  • STA 2012 : Strategies for Agile Software Testing Automation: An Industrial Experience.
  • ICGSE 2012 :An Industrial Experience on the Application of Distributed Testing in an Agile Software Development Environment. 
  • Brazillian Symposium of Software Quality (SBQS 2012): Aplicando Testes Ágeis com Equipes Distribuídas: Um Relato de Experiência

For more professional information my profile is on linkedIn.

And Why to create this blog?

I have 3 key reasons:

First because to automate tests is one of the activities that I most enjoy doing in my job. Second because throughout my career in software testing I went through several experiences automating tests for different kinds of software and thirdly because in presentations and lectures that I've done many professionals describe the difficulties of test teams to accomplish the automation activities during their projects. For these reasons I think my humble knowledge and experience in this subject can help software development teams. :)

I hope you enjoy the next posts! Thank you.